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Painter Ronnie Heeps, Wasps - Dennistoun, Glasgow

Space for Artists

What facilities do we have?

We provide a total of 100,000 square feet of lettable studio space. The studios range in size from 100 - 1,000 sq.ft., however most are between the 200 to 250 sq.ft. (14ft x 14ft to 16ft x 16ft).

All studios have 24 hour entry, power points and have access to a common water supply. Special requirements such as 3-phase power, additional electrical sockets or an individual water supply can often be installed at the tenant’s expense.

How much do the studios cost?

Studio rates vary depending on the location, the quality of studio available and the size of space you need. Our studios cost from £4.50 – £8.50 per square foot per annum. This translates to an average monthly rent of £120 - £150 for a 200 sq.ft. studio (i.e. (£6 x 200)/12=£100).
This monthly payment includes electricity, rates, building maintenance, public & buildings liability insurance, management costs and water charges. Please note it does not include contents insurance.

What are the lease terms?

We offer a month to month lease to allow maximum flexibility for artists. We also provide a handy summary of your lease in plain English so you can make sense of it. As a condition of the lease we also require:

  • A deposit of one month’s rent
  • Monthly rent paid by direct debit
  • An up-to-date C.V. each year that you remain on the registration list to show you continue to have an active artistic practice

How do I apply?

To apply for a studio, please fill in the application in the ‘download’ section. You can either return the form to us by post or you can email it to lois@waspsstudios.org.uk along with six images of recent work, an up to date C.V. and a statement about why you need a studio. If your application is approved, your details will be added to our studio register.

How are the studios allocated?

From the 1st February 2014 Wasps are changing how vacant studios are advertised and allocated to visual artists and makers across the network. These changes are made in response to feedback received from artists on the current waiting list and to remain in line with the procedures followed by other studio providers nationwide

Artist studio lettings will take the following format:

Register of Interest

Visual and applied artists will be invited to register for a studio with Wasps by submitting:

1.    A completed application form
2.    Six images of recent art work
3.    An up-to-date artistic CV

Applications should be sent to lois@waspsstudios.org.uk

All applications will be considered in-line with Wasps’ eligibility criteria which can be downloaded from this section of our website: http://www.waspsstudios.org.uk/studios-spaces/about-artists-studios

Artists will be notified by email if they have or have not been placed on the Register of Interest.

Artists placed on the register will be removed and prompted by Wasps to re-apply every 2 years to keep information about their practice and studio requirements up-to-date.

Please note, Wasps will shortly contact the current waiting list to ask artists if they wish to remain on our register. Artists who have been on the waiting list for over a year will be asked to re-apply for the register coming in to force in February.

Advertising Studio Spaces

Artists on the register will receive emails advertising vacant studios within their preferred location.  Adverts will detail:

  • Floor size and features of the studio. For example large windows, power supply etc.
  • Information about the building, its facilities and accessibility.
  • Images of the studio and building (where possible).
  • Information how to view the space (explained in further detail below).
  • A closing date which artist must forward their interest in to rent the space by.

Studio Viewings

Details on how an artist can view a space will feature on the advert and viewings will be arranged in accordance to the level of demand for in the area.

In areas of high demand, viewing dates will be arranged. The date and time of which will feature on the advert. Artists can express their interest to see the space by emailing Wasps directly and Wasps will coordinate these viewings with the studio rep.  Group viewings may be arranged at different dates and times to accommodate artists’ personal lives as best as possible.

In areas with less demand, artists will be invited to contact the Studio Rep in the first instance to arrange a date and time to view the space.
Studio Allocation

To express interest in renting a studio space, artists need to inform Wasps directly by the deadline noted on the advert.

Where more than one artist wants to view the studio, allocation will be carefully considered by Wasps staff. 

Allocation will be based on a range of factors which will consider the amount of time an artist has been registered with Wasps for, but also

  • The artist’s studio requirements in relation to the available studio such as size, budget, natural light, access to water supply etc.
  • The artist’s practice and its relationship to the studio and the practices of others in the building to create a vibrant mix of practices and also consider the effect of noisy or dusty practices and how to support these
  • The professional develop that will come as a result of having a studio space with Wasps.

Wasps understand that artistic practices evolve and change over time. Should a current Wasps tenant feel, for reasons of their own, that their studio is no longer suitable for their practice, please inform Wasps and we will place you back onto our register to receive adverts for vacant studio spaces.

Wasps’ policy regarding studio shares and fixed terms tenancy breaks still apply which feature as part of your lease. To become a lease holder with Wasps, you must formally apply to the register.

Can I share my studio?

Yes, we’re happy for you to share your studio as long as it is with another professional visual artist or maker. We can also collect rent by direct debit directly from your studio share. However, if you give up your studio the lease will not automatically transfer to your studio share.

We also allow you to sub-let your studio for up to one year. In this case, you would need to move everything out of your studio and we would let your space to an artist from the register for the fixed period.

Am I eligible for a studio?

The studios are substantially cheaper than commercial rates and are targeted at professional fine and applied artists. If you are unsure if you are eligible to apply, please download our Studio Eligibility document for more info. You can also contact Wasps’ office to talk this through.

Are the studios accessible?

Please see information about each studio building for disabled access.

Wasps is a registered Scottish charity SCO01351

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