Bureau de change is a solo show by Louise Schmid. It is a series of transformations, remixes and mutations, bound up with an astute critique of hierarchical structures and consumption of natural resource.

Louise Schmid has been a Glasgow based visual artist, based now at Wasps’ South Block since the 90s. This year she produced a new body of work during her residencies at Cel del Nord in Catalonia, and at Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, focusing on the bio-food industry and eco-aesthetics. Bureau de change is inextricably bound up with a critique of dominant hierarchical structures and concerns on our consumption of natural resource. Louise Schmid’s drawing process can be slow and involves numerous layers, transformations, remixes and visual mutations that evolve over long periods of time. A direct, comical drawing style often seems to belie the complexity of its subject matter. Working with condensed metaphors and elementary materials (pencil, acrylic, shellac, ink, wax on paper) aids reducing artwork to its essence, and transcending technical constraints. Her wall mounted installations consist of associative rhizomes. Louise Schmid ‘s drawings perform not as literal illustrations, but instead as condensed metaphors. Her aesthetic communication is deliberately ambiguous, to foster the use of different interpretative codes, by diverse audiences who may encounter this work.

Bureau de change is open only on the weekends or by appointment. Contact the artist here to arrange a visit.


Event Details

Date: September 7 - September 25
Time: 12pm-5pm or by appointment

Meadow Mill Studios
Meadow Mill
West Henderson's Wynd

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