Chasing the Light is the latest solo exhibition from the studio of Dot Walker.

Light is a precious commodity in the north of Scotland, which greatly affects life and art. As the days lengthen towards midsummer the light on the landscape is transformative. This exhibition explores the changing light and weather on the surrounding coastline, with the viewer being invited to feel the elements as perceived by the artist. Many of the coastal scapes have been started en plein air either on canvas or in sketch books and finished in the studio.

Also included are some still life paintings and some portraiture, again playing with the chiaroscuro light and shade that gives life to the subjects. For me, the deliberate seeking of beauty each day and the subsequent translation of that into some creative piece is a basic necessity of life and and helps negotiate my way through witnessing heartbreak caused by war and oppression.

Dot Walker‘s artist biography: I have drawn and painted since early childhood but my first career was in ER nursing. I travelled extensively as a nurse and practiced until my early 30s, when I decided to do a portfolio year at Glasgow art school. Following this I moved to Australia with my family and spent a further year studying at the Julian Ashton atelier in Sydney. This was mainly life painting but I found it very useful technically and learned that (for me), light is the central character in any composition . Following this we, as a family, spent 2 years in rural Nepal, doing humanitarian work, and of course painting the beautiful people and landscape there whenever I had a chance. On our return to Scotland we settled in Inverness and I have become very much connected to the landscape here. I have had tenancy of a studio at Inverness Creative Academy since it opened in 2018. I really enjoy the benefits of working within a supportive creative community and am hugely appreciative of the opportunity to exhibit in a wonderful gallery space.


Event Details

Date: July 5 - August 18
Time: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm and Sat 10am-3pm

Inverness Creative Academy
Midmills Building
Stephen's Street

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