David’s practice engages with issues related to autobiography, sociology, psychology and the increasing uncertainty and instability within society. Employing diverse creative strategies—including sculpture, drawing, collage, assemblage and painting—he probes the tensions between construction and deconstruction, form and anti-form, Expressionism and Minimalism, the abject and the pristine, highlighting a struggle between a culture of abundance and the rapid loss of reserves. His work and materials often show the scars of these struggles as a ‘badge of honour’.

His relentless material investigation involves the seemingly endless repurposing, combining and recombining of different techniques and media. This mirrors a shifting condition of constant deconstruction and reconfiguration, and the idea of a non-hierarchical, boundary-less universe.

Living and working in Glasgow, David draws endless inspiration from the city’s physical and conceptual landscape and embraces the frequently over-looked parts of the environment as inspiration for his work.

David has studied at Glasgow School of Art and the Slade School and completed his international MA in Contemporary Culture Studies jointly at the Free University Brussels and the University of Tilburg. Recently, he has worked with David Mach (RA) and Darren Bader (New York).

Since 2020 he has been represented by Art Collection Schlichtner in Vienna.

The 5 Second Rule (daisychain)

With his highly unconventional approach to exhibition-making, this site-specific show for WASPS utilises the structure of the space to tell a story of both darkness and hope, of things being complete but never finished, dead yet in the process of being reborn, hopeless yet hopeful, coming to an end yet only just beginning, of being found, lost and found again, of work and play, on the one hand sinister on the other what meaning the viewer wants to find in an individual piece or the show as a whole.


Event Details

Date: May 25 - June 5
Time: 11am-5pm

Hanson Street
Hanson Street Studios
77 Hanson Street
G31 2HF

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