RCW Studio is a mixed media design company run and owned by Robin Christin Wood. Already a well-established full time public artist with a long portfolio for outdoor artworks sited all over the UK, these new works are completely separate direction to his previous work.

This first solo show is a collection of works made over the last three years. Initially with a long standing background in illustration, technical drawing, sculpture and woodwork RCW Studio explores several new variations in design using new techniques and materials and now showcases a highly diverse show of mixed media art. 

The new artworks use photography, collage, stencils, paints, spray paint, recycled materials and locally soured timber. The need to produce these has been a need create artworks that reflect the world we live in with elements about the environment, human nature, politics but with as much satire as possible, as well as these there are many other pieces essentially abstract and pop art would be what best describes the bulk of the work. 

Along with sculpture and wall art for inside and out one of the major items added to this list is a new range of seating ideas as pop art furniture ideally suited to gallery/exhibition/public or private spaces which can also sit outside. Deep Space Travel Showcases just three designs made to date with several other prototypes of other variations and designs in the making and as detailed sketches. Note on show are technically 3 fully working prototypes.

As much I would love to highlight the many other public art projects, awards, articles etc from 20yrs of works I want this to be a completely new separate entity and direction.


As a completely self-taught outsider artist Robin taught himself to illustrate from childhood starting by copying arsterix and tin tin books, then influenced by likes of Escher and Foss with a love of detail as well as street art and album cover art from hypnosis and early 60’s 70’s poster art and nature which early on found a love and connection with being just outdoors especially in forests and woodland which drew me first to working with wood and the infinite possibilities that are inside a piece of timber. 

Right now I have a burning desire to design and create these new forms of artworks and this I feel is a natural progression, I have something to say about the world we live in and the love of colour, form and tactile functional art and hope you enjoy these first few pieces on show. 


Instagram: @rcw.studio  


Event Details

Date: March 31 - April 22
Time: Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

South Block
South Block
60-64 Osborne Street
G1 5QH

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