About the exhibition:

All the work in this exhibition was created since John joined Wasps’ Inverness Creative Academy, when it opened in late 2018

Whilst ‘Looking Outward’ references aspects of the visual world important to John, ‘Looking Inward’ refers to the cerebral part of painting.

While the subject matter provides the initial stimulus, the abstract elements become more important and can take off in various directions through working both consciously and intuitively. At best, the product of thoughts and feelings give the work a metaphysical significance.

About the artist:

John completed his art training at the Byam Shaw in London and worked for many years
as a teacher of Art and Design. He joined WASPS Inverness Creative Academy in
December 2018.


Event Details

Date: June 3 - June 29
Time: 10am to 5pm Mon/Fri

Inverness Creative Academy
Midmills Building
Stephen's Street

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