The artist is interested in the power of people’s creative judgement. Their work explores the potential of how humans exist in the world: both the small physical material of everyday life, which impacts on the environment and, in contrast, the very transient, ephemeral physical presence, that wakens the resonance and beauty of enduring, ancient spaces. They explore the continuing relevance of physical being, in a digital society.

Exploring translucency and colour, their work is currently represented in two ongoing major strands:  

Moving Through: responses to movement of the human figure through space. 

Pockets:  potential ‘litter’ turned into a collective work.

These have developed in parallel and there is a counterpoint between them.

Having long engaged in working creatively with people, the artist is currently combining university teaching with creating their own work in the studio.  

“I seek, through my practice interests, to tease out the detail of learning from a lifetime of creative practice among people, cultures and environments.” 

Exploring the relationship between ancient spaces and humanity, Moving Through is a dance-related series of lightweight, translucent responses  to the ephemeral, fleeting movement of the human figure through space, and how this awakens the voice of environments that have resonance with our human sensibility, such as stone, wood, plants, water, glass, light and air.

Theresa Lynn is an artist from and currently based in Dundee. She graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College in 1981, and most recently completed an MSc Community Education (Community Engaged Arts), University of Dundee this year.


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Date: August 8 - August 28
Time: 1pm-5pm or by appointment

Meadow Mill Studios
Meadow Mill
West Henderson's Wynd

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