Helen O’Brien is a visual artist who explores the potential of materials and objects, and the relationships we have with them.

A key influence to her practice is Material Engagement Theory, which considers how our thinking processes are formed by our material surroundings. This theory reminds us that we are not isolated beings but inter- dependent with our surrounding materials and environments.

Through hands on making Helen works in dialogue with materials, tools and processes to inform what comes from these interactions. This is a place where objects and materials alongside her own ideas are changing, transforming and in a state of flux. ‘Temporal Matter’ is an installation of holding spaces for materials, organic matter, found objects and abstract, sculptural forms. They sit within an environment which allows them to be valued for their innate qualities, imperfections and presence: a place for matter to be seen and acknowledged for it past, present and future potential.




Event Details

Date: April 6 - May 27
Time: Monday – Friday 10am-5pm

Perth Creative Exchange
Stormont Street

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