thought space offers an attention to the dialogue and interactions between artists, materials and spaces: spaces that exist in both the physical and thoughtful realm.

Spaces for making, conversation, and reflection.

Occupying their own space from wall to floor to ceiling within South Block, these works present an exchange of ideas through sculpture, print, painting and installation as vehicles for creative discourse. Each piece is connected through making over time and through experimentation that expresses the individual focus of each artist. These range from incorporating objects with printmaking, to suspended rhythmic sequences, and from paint saturated sculptural forms to embedded pattern.


Louise Ritchie

Louise Ritchie is an award-winning artist exploring the hybridity of objects with a practice that includes painting, metal-casting, printmaking and ceramics as well as within her roles in arts education and collaborative projects. Louise has exhibited her work world-wide, is a Past-President of the Society of Scottish Artists and a Lecturer in Contemporary Art Practice at City of Glasgow College/UWS. Louise is also currently a PhD Candidate at DJCAD/UoD.




Celia Garcia

Celia Garcia is an artist based in Glasgow exploring the everyday as an embodied reality with philosophical implications. Working across various mediums including photography, drawing and 3D, aesthetically her work often engages repetition, seriality and the multiple. A Master of Research in Creative Practices from GSA, Celia lectures in Contemporary Art Practice at City of Glasgow College/UWS.




Lorna Mitchell

Lorna Mitchell is an artist whose recent work explores ways in which print and object combine as part of a practice that includes print, assemblage, drawing and sculpture. This furthers an exploration of creative communities and memory through consideration of collective and personal histories. Lorna is a lecturer in Contemporary Art Practice at City of Glasgow College/UWS.



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Date: June 7 - June 24
Time: Mon - Fri 9-5

South Block
South Block
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