Waves is a collection of Katherine Rose’s most recent works made from cut and folded paper.

Nine new pieces are inspired by the patterns we see that are formed as a result of wave movement. There are patterns that are left in the wake of a wave, in whatever they have moved through: sand, body, air, light. How does singing affect the body? How does the sea affect sand? How does water move light?

Included in the show will be a large scale installation which will hang in the window and create shadows within the space. This piece utilises a rigid structure to illustrate the simultaneous chaos and uniformity of the recognisable patterns we see within water.

This body of work is an effort to illustrate the forever moving formations within waves and the inherent characteristic of that movement. It tries to catch it in a single image and create a sense of that movement within that single image. The movement shifts from the object to the viewer. They shift and morph as you move around them. The work explores how mathematics and geometry are the languages with which we might be able to find or recreate that movement.

Rose sees her work as a collaboration with her medium, as the paper she uses governs the scale of the work. The weight of the paper and the size of the cuts only work within a precise ratio before it buckles under the weight or does not respond to the curve within the paper, or the angle of the fold. All of her work is measured and made by hand.
Rose is a singer and a swimmer and these interests have influenced this body of work. She is inspired by the profound effect these invisible forces have on her body and mind.

Rose, known as @paper.work on Instagram, has most recently exhibited as part of the Society of Scottish Artists 125th anniversary show 2023, and in the Royal Scottish Academy show ‘Then and Now: 100 years’ 2024.

Katherine Anne Rose is an artist and photographer living in Glasgow since 2018. She graduated from Fine Art Photography at the GSA in 2007 and has since worked as an editorial photographer for the Observer and Guardian newspapers. After shooting hundreds of portraits over the years, she had accumulated dozens of half used photographic paper backdrops. She started to make use of these large rolls of paper for her paper works in 2015. Her deep rooted interest in maths and geometry, and their connection with beauty, along with her knowledge of modular origami techniques, came together to conceive this way of working. Rose has studied the pattern formations which emerge within islamic decorative design and their association with the divine as a result of working with the non figurative. She is inspired by the universal language that is mathematics and is keen to create a serenity which is not rooted in spiritual belief, but in the beauty of nature.


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Date: June 7 - June 20
Time: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

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