Double Moon miniature stained-glass panel


One-off stained-glass panel, painted and kiln fired before being leaded, soldered and polished. The piece can be propped upright against a window or hung (hanging loop included).

Dimensions: Width 10cm, Height 15cm, Depth 1cm

The colour of the stained-glass will evolve in depth and intensity throughout the day as changing daylight passes through the glass. The piece is a ‘sketch’ on glass – quickly painted, etched and stippled to capture the essence of the moon and a range of intriguing textures.

To care for this piece, use a dry cloth when dusting is required. Do not use chemical products as they may affect the darkness of the lead, which will continue to blacken beautifully with age over time.

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Sold and directly dispatched by: Aimee McCulloch Stained Glass

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Aimee McCulloch Stained Glass

I make a range of unique stained glass sculptures and art panels, as well as bespoke stained glass windows for domestic settings. My work is inspired by the vivid colours and atmosphere of Scottish mountain landscapes as well as a love for vast numinous skies and the moon. Owning stained glass is deeply satisfying as the changing daylight alters the colours and mood of the work throughout the day, making it very much alive. All of my work is made by hand using traditional paint-firing and leaded techniques and is carefully packaged for safe delivery.


Instagram: @aimee_mcculloch


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