Immersion 2


Artist: Fiona Swapp

Title: Immersion 2

Medium: Framed triptych Oil on canvas

Dimension: W 92.5cm x H 65.5cm

During the First World War, Sphagnum moss was used as a filling for wound dressings as it was 20 times as absorbent as cotton and also had antibacterial properties. It saved many lives.

As an artist, I have recently investigated its use and also its recent resurgence as an absorbing and antibacterial item in medicine.

Now the sphagnum moss mires are known to capture a lot of carbon and deposit as peat, which is one way to help restore the ozone layer. Regeneration of sphagnum bogs through rewetting and repopulation is underway in many parts of the world.

This artwork depicts the empty spaces within the moss that holds the water when immersed.

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Fiona Swapp

Ethnobotanical artist Fiona Swapp has been a freelance artist and illustrator for over 30 years, she holds an MA in Fine Art, a Diploma in Botanical Art and has studied and worked in Graphic Art and Design. Fiona’s recent oil paintings on linen convey the intimate detail of plant anatomy viewed through a magnifying glass or a high-powered microscope. The works on this page depict real or imaged spaces within plants. Surfaces utilised are usually, paper, linen or canvas painted with oils or watercolour and sometimes with mono-printed additions.

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