Rooster and Hen, after Koson Woodblock Print


Rooster and Hen, after Koson Woodblock Print

Made by Claire Cameron-Smith, based on a design by Ohara Koson.

Made in Kirkcudbright

This is an original hand-pulled print from an open edition.

Mounted, ready to frame at 25.5cm x 30.5cm, 10? x 12? (approx.)

Pigmented inks on Japanese Awagami Kitakata paper.

Made using Japanese tools, techniques and materials, the paper has been printed on several times from hand carved blocks to build up the layers and achieve the variety and depth of colour in the final image.

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made by:
Claire Cameron-Smith Prints

Japanese woodblock techniques were the starting point of my printmaking career, and continue to be the foundation on which my practice is built. Japanese tools (knives, chisels, presses) are the vital common denominator in my various printmaking methods, and from woodblock to vinylcut, it’s these tools that I use consistently, whilst the carving medium, ink type, inking method, and papers may vary with each print project.

The work of Japanese artist Ohara Koson (1877 – 1945) is a main source of inspiration for me. Many of Koson’s designs are in the kacho-e genre, depicting flora and fauna. I find his style appealing in its simplicity, and my own approach to print design is strongly influenced by it, with a need to encapsulate both minimalism and realism in the prints I create.

I utilise the medium of print not just as a means of mechanical reproduction, but to create a succession of handcrafted, original works of art which exhibit a depth of colour and surface texture that are unique to hand-pulled prints.


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