Phase 1


We recorded a series of interviews with Charles Bannerman at Inverness Creative Academy, in November 2020, in which he takes us on a tour round some of the key rooms in Phase 1 – the 1913 building which now houses artists’ studios. Charles explores the former Inverness Royal Academy sharing some of his experiences as a past pupil (1965-71) and later as a Chemistry teacher (1977-2013).

Starting at the main studio entrance, Charles takes us down the corridor…

Continuing on to explore his old teaching Chemistry classroom…

Into the Gym Hall for the boys …

… and finally we head upstairs to the Music classroom.

Phase 2

As Phase 2, the oldest part of the building, was completed in early 2022 we invited Charles back to continue his tour of the school.

(video link pending)


All these films were produced by local filmmaker Mike Webster.