I am a collaborative musician/sound artist who works in conjunction with dance, theatre and visual art installation.

My creative background evolved from being a music composer in experimental theatre reaching back to the mid 1970s, when I was a featured percussionist/composer and performer in the renowned play ‘The Hardman’ by Scottish author Tom McGrath. I work on regular basis with my partner Christine Goodman, linking art video and soundscapes, such as creating ambient inter-sonics to accompany installations in Ålgarden Gallery, Sweden and the Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh. Our latest collaboration involved Christine’s video making with Kenyan choreographer/dancer Adam Chienjo and was filmed at Barnes Crossing, Cologne in July 2018.

At present I am a full-time member of faculty at the Music Dept of Perth College UHI and teach research skills, ensemble practices and music pedagogy. I hold a PhD in musicology specialising in the learning of rhythm.