Sarah Kudirka is an award-winning contemporary artist who lives and works in Glasgow. Her work is about the shapes and edges of things, including buildings, objects and words.

She makes bold semi-abstract paintings which range in size from large canvases (including ones layered up over many years then ‘trashed’ by scratching and scraping back the thick paint surface) to colourful oil and pencil images over exposed instant film (instax and Polaroids). Her work using instant film is generally presented in grids and collections of multiple images.

Her CitySkies series is about walking and looking up at the sky squeezed in between tall buildings: a simple idea but a compelling project. Each image is made over a Polaroid snap taken in a city with which she has an enduring fascination. Since 2012 Kudirka has made over 750 images based on London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Sydney, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee.

Based in Scotland since 2017, Kudirka is a council member of the Society of Scottish Artists and a member of Scottish Contemporary Art Network. Trained at the University of Leeds, BA & MA.

selected works