Tall Porcelain Bottle


A Tall Porcelain bottle that is textured with a (personal design) lino.cut pattern. This pattern is reminiscent of Birch trees and water.

The vessel is suitable for water, wine or oil with the addition of a suitable cork or can be used as a vase.

The piece was made using slab built technique, has been dried slowly and fired twice in a kiln to 1260* C.  The interior of the bottle is fully glazed rendering it suitable for water, wine or flowers and will not leave a mark on any surface.

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Sold and directly dispatched by: Alison Gray, ipsokipso Ceramics

made by:
Alison Gray, ipsokipso Ceramics

I am a ceramic artist, working within a shared Ceramic studio in Glasgow.  This allows me access to my own working space and a variety of Ceramic equipment.

Within this space I create all my own pieces using predominantly stoneware or porcelain clay, using hand-building techniques, which I texture and distress using stamps, lino-cuts and found objects.


Using these processes I create a variety of pieces from decorative to functional ceramics in a variety of scale.These include a range of mugs, vases and bowls and plates.

I also have a seperate range of bird feeders baths and houses with a complementary range of garden planters.

All my pieces are water tight, frost resistany and suitable for oven or freezer( if appropriate to their use.

contact: e. Alison’s.gray@gmail.com p.07908208466


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