Award-winning artist Susie Rose Dalton opens first solo exhibition at South Block Gallery

The debut solo exhibition of visual artist Susie Rose Dalton, Personally I Would Never Do That, opens in South Block Gallery, Glasgow on the 4th March.

Open Monday – Friday until the 29th March, Personally I Would Never Do That reflects on how we move through personal and collective changes, and the marks we leave on one another along the way.

Susie Rose Dalton, 30, won a Wasps Award in 2021, given by the national provider of artist studios to contemporary emerging artists in Scotland. The award was granted in recognition of Susie’s ceramic work which records the sunlight in the artist’s living space during lockdown, exhibited in Leith School of Art’s Contemporary Art Practice exhibition in Patriothall Gallery. Wasps described the work as a, “…poetic and poignant reflection on lockdown life that manifested itself in beautiful sculptural form.” The work received national press coverage, including in the Independent and Evening Standard.

Personally I Would Never Do That includes the award-winning piece alongside new sculptural work from the artist, as well as film and print work, exploring themes of transience, intimacy, and emergence. The exhibition will also feature a movement workshop facilitated by artist, dancer, and researcher, Ashanti Harris, on the 11th March.

Artist Susie Rose Dalton: “There’s nothing quite like processing personal things in public to remind yourself of how hilariously messy it is to be a human. I’m delighted to have my first solo exhibition in Glasgow’s South Block Gallery. I use simple approaches to working with materials, mostly ceramics, to try to put form to intangible feelings and experiences. I do this because it helps me to process those feelings and experiences, and it allows a way of connecting with others. This work explores the sensitive in-between spaces we find ourselves in when we undergo change.”

Susie is a current member of the Bridge Pottery Collective and a recent alumni of the Contemporary Art Practice course at Leith School of Art. She completed a ceramic apprenticeship under Bärbel Dister at the Cromarty Pottery in Cromarty, Scotland. Her work has been shortlisted for a number of other awards, and in 2020 received a ‘very special mention’ from artist and film maker Miranda July in July’s online International Covid Art Festival. Susie lives and works in Edinburgh, and originally hails from Belfast.

The exhibition has received financial support from Creative Scotland and the City of Edinburgh Council via a Visual Artist and Craft Maker Award. Susie’s work will also be shown in the annual exhibition of Visual Arts Scotland in March, which will be held online.

More information about the exhibition can be found at and Private view of the exhibition is from 6-8pm, 3rd March, at South Block Gallery.

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