Curated by Chloe Juno and Jenny Christensson, Bruised Lands is an exhibition which brings together four unique, yet interconnected bodies of work, created over ten years by the critically acclaimed documentary photographer and filmmaker Alan Gignoux: Oil Sands, Monuments, Mountaintops to Moonscapes, and Russian Rust Belt. Bruised Lands documents the relentless harvesting of natural assets and is a graphic and timely testament to the serious impact that industrial processes are having on the global environmental crisis.

The move towards net zero emissions begins at home in local communities where individual lives are threatened by change, and economic and political interests stand in the way of progress. Gignoux’s work investigates and documents the tension between communities traditionally sustained by fossil fuels and metal extraction, and the dire consequences for the environment and human health through the pollution of air, soil and water.

To avoid the catastrophic effects of global warming, all nations will need to work towards a low carbon future by drastically reducing their dependence on fossil fuels and protecting and restoring nature on an unprecedented scale. The window within which we have the possibility of averting climate disaster is closing and we are at a critical moment on which the future of the planet depends. Bruised Lands lays bare the challenges ahead. In the words of interviewee Mike Hudema at Greenpeace in Canada: “The stakes could not be higher in this battle.”

The still photographs in Bruised Lands are also accompanied by two documentary films by Gignoux Photos, throwing light on the complexities involved in transitioning to a low carbon future.

Visitors are invited to attend the launch event for Gignoux Photos’ latest photobook publication Mountaintops to Moonscapes at the exhibition on November 5th at 5-6.30pm.
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Date: October 31 - November 12

The Briggait
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