Discover the intricate interplay of politics, bodies, and spaces in Details of a Sunset, where exclusion and inclusion collide in thought-provoking exhibits.

The last streetcar was disappearing in the mirrorlike murk of the street and, along the wire above it, a spark of Bengal light, crackling and quivering, sped into the distance like a blue star.

“Well, might as well just plod along, even though you are pretty drunk, Mark, pretty drunk. . . . “
The spark went out. The roofs glistened in the moonlight, silvery angles broken by oblique black cracks.

Through this mirrory darkness, he staggered home: Mark Standfuss, a salesclerk, a demigod, fair-haired Mark, a lucky fellow with a high starched collar.

At the back of his neck, above the white line of that collar, his hair ended in a funny, boyish little tag that had escaped the barber’s scissors. That little tag was what made Klara fall in love with him, and she swore that it was true love, that she had quite forgotten the handsome ruined foreigner who last year had rented a room from her mother, Frau Heise.

“And yet, Mark, you’re drunk. . . . “Excerpt from Nabokov’s short story ‘Details of a Sunset’

Objects, installations, and performance documents are featured in the exhibition ‘Details of a Sunset’, which explores various dimensions of the politics of the bodies and spaces from the perspectives of both inclusion and exclusion.

Yu Yang’s exhibit is meant to provide a diachronic perspective, featuring several previously unseen, interrelated artworks. This solo exhibition will span two spaces in the gallery, prompting critical reflection on the bureaucratic, historical, economic, political and social structures that shape the spaces around us in interventions, actions and installations.

Yu Yang is a self-trained artist living and working in Edinburgh. He perceives himself as a writer utilizing the visual language of art. He engages in a conceptual approach in his artistic practice, wherein he revisits and reimagines quotidian experiences. Through the manipulation of familiar forms drawn from the mundane, Yang endeavours to examine the enduring motifs of power, resistance, emotion, and other literary themes as they manifest within contemporary society.


Event Details

Date: May 18 - June 3
Time: Tuesday-Sunday, 12pm-6pm

Patriothall Studios
Wasps Patriothall

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