Inspired by big themes the exhibition explores the expanse between the individual and the universes overlapping time and space, the dynamic tensions between ego and selflessness.

OWE (One With Everything) is an art exhibition taking place over two weeks at Patriothall Gallery in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Divided into two galleries, one devoted to solo work (by Paula Vera Bloom) and one to collective work (including works by Jasmine Christie, Chen Chun Nan, Rinat Zemach Levi and Anna Nesterenko) it displays visual and abstract canvases, prints, sculptures and an installation representing an existential inner journey of the artists, where unity is the destination, and totality is first fully embraced, and eventually discarded as the journey itself becomes the destination. The exhibition borrows concepts and metaphors from the Path of Liberation known as Mahamudra, and shares them using contemporary art language with the vibrant art scene in Edinburgh. It aims to encourage productive dialogue involving technology, spirituality, social and environmental impact and an opportunity for productive dialog and interaction.

To see the show, book a spot via Eventbrite here. Slots are available between noon and 8pm.


Event Details

Date: April 27 - May 10

Patriothall Studios
Wasps Patriothall

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