Encampment of Eternal Hope by Walker & Bromwich

Colombian based researchers highlight threats posed by climate change to biodiversity and the ecosystem services it provides.

Possible Dialogues, Day 3:

We demonstrate how plants are a key component in regulating the water cycle, how different biomes are connected by it and how climate change might disrupt the system. Colombia is the second most biodiverse country on Earth and harbours within its borders each of the main biomes found on the planet, including lowland wet forest, cloud forests, mangroves, dry forests, deserts and high alpine. Paramo vegetation is found at elevations of above 3000 metres in Northern South America and is home to nearly 4000 species of plants, many of which are endemics. We will show how this species diversity was generated and how endangered this ecosystem is by climate change. Distributions of all groups of organisms will be affected but particularly those of birds and mammals. The paramos are also the water towers of Colombia, regulating the filter and flow of this vital human resource toward the major cities of the region. We discuss the main drivers of the ecosystem’s change and the impact that this loss might have on water cycles. We show the extent of deforestation in Colombia including drivers, worst affected regions, how effective are protected areas and the extent and nature of environmental crimes. We also relate how deforestation is one of many drivers of climate change both locally and remotely, causing extreme weather and modifying water cycles. We relate how these changes will impact all Colombia’s ecosystems.

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The Possible Dialogues Journey:

Diálogos Posibles/Possible Dialogues is an initiative to connect social and environmental leaders, activists, artists and academics who have common interests relating to climate change and justice, but have not had the opportunity to interact.

It was sparked at the end of 2019 by a conversation between Hector Fabio Yucuna Perea, Youth Coordinator of the Organisation of Indigenous Peoples of the Colombian Amazon (OPIAC) and members of Más Arte Más Acción. They questioned how indigenous peoples’ struggles could be shared in the climate debate and properly considered in climate negotiations that impact on their territories. Opening out these questions with artists and institutions in Scotland with an interest in environmental justice, Possible Dialogues emerged and in 2020 the coalition met online to build relationships, share knowledge and test ideas. It is now a multi-layered creative project that brings together partners from Scotland and Colombia in the lead up to COP26, the global leaders’ climate conference in Glasgow.

About The Encampment of Eternal Hope:

Climate House presents The Encampment of Eternal Hope by Walker & Bromwich – coming to The Briggait, Glasgow, for the international climate summit, COP26, 31st October – 10th November. The Encampment is an immersive environment, forming a central hub for creative fringe activities throughout COP26. Amplifying Indigenous voices through workshops and events that bring together artists, academics and activists from Scotland, Colombia and across the world. You are warmly invited to come and engage in meaningful dialogue about the effects of the climate crisis within a playful, dystopian woodland encampment of giant inflatable sculptures.

The Encampment of Eternal Hope is open daily from Sunday 31st October – Wednesday 10th November, 10.30 am – 5.30 pm

Artists’ / Contributors Bios:

Walker & Bromwich:

Glasgow based collaborative duo Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich are known for their large- scale iconic sculptural works, participatory events and exhibitions that invite audiences to imagine better worlds. At the core of their practice is the exploration of the role art can play as an active agent in society, evolving environments and situations within which people can begin to re-examine the world around them.


The Faculty of Natural Sciences of Rosario University includes Biology and Earth System Science programmes whose collective goal is to provide solutions to global problems through pure and applied research.



Event Details

Date: November 7 - November 7
Time: 3-5.30pm

The Briggait
The Briggait
141 Bridgegate
G1 5HZ

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