Four experienced painters have come together during a period of sustained self-development, following a series of Professional Development / Studio Practice mentoring workshops led by Kenneth le Riche RSW, held at Inverness Creative Academy.

Re-visiting the application of raw materials onto new surfaces, and exploring mark-making in its purest form, the group have set out to develop a new body of work representing their route into abstract painting.

Jenny Hepburn, Fiona Matheson and Clare Blois started their individual journeys toward abstraction during the last few years. As landscape painters, their starting points are often to be found in their surroundings. Jenny’s abstract work often alludes enigmatically to the Highland landscape and the colours of changing seasons. Fiona has distilled intense exploration of mark making into alluring and sensitive monochrome, while Clare has tuned in to her second main interest in classical music to discover the many moods of colour. Frances Baxter brings a different and contrasting dimension to the group. Her interest lies in pure abstraction and her paintings have a beauty and calm, their inspiration rooted in memories and subconscious.

The format for the Inverness Creative Academy Assembly Hall exhibition space will encompass the recording and visual evidence of our exciting journey, alongside finished works. Valuing initial sketchbook ideas as well as works on paper, and with reference to less well-known historical ‘Greats’,
this exploration will celebrate resolved abstract pieces through the collaboration of these established contemporaries.

“We have exchanged ideas and collaborated, and some of our pieces relate to each other to create a joint rhythm. We have all worked as artists for many years and have made use of our accumulated skills, knowledge, experience and hindsight to reach out and distil our practice into an exhibition which will surprise our established audience and attract new interest. We are ready for the challenge and an exciting and vibrant exhibition is assured.”


Event Details

Date: September 1 - October 5
Time: 9:30am-5:30pm weekdays, 9:30am-3pm Saturdays

Inverness Creative Academy
Midmills Building
Stephen's Street

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Clare Blois