Decoys have been known to “ trick or confuse people into doing something or going somewhere, especially by showing them something that is not what it appears to be.” The catalyst for this exhibition was a humble yellow rubber duck, the beginning of this playful yet serious journey.

Decoys + is a blend between three interconnected bodies of worldly encounters with the other, the complete, the unfinished/finished and the in-flux. A nomadic evolving and experimental body of work as a metaphor of a human body in relation to other bodies and places.

The complete; are a series of paintings. A primal exploration of privately performed archeological excavations through the catalyst of memory and repetition, possibly a becoming emerging from the miasma.

The unfinished/ finished; is series of collages, they bring fragments together a fragile union of permanence, torn cut and broken, they become whole in their fragile vulnerable state.

The in-flux or metamorphosis of (objects/ things) excluded from commodity circulation, bring together in a flash, a temporary solution, a chance, a possible new life using the gestures of survival.

“A mesmerising collision of the debris the developed world throws up and the poetry that can be felt by looking.” D. DeSade

Born in Louisiana but raised in Canada with further years in the UK, Middle East, US, Greece and Mexico, Salli Yule-Tsingas now lives and works in Glasgow. She holds an MA Fine Art from The School of Art, Architecture and Design (formerly Cass) in London. Yule-Tsingas’s expansive practice evolves across multiple media, from site specific installations of appropriated found objects, to painting, collage and sculpture, all united by a consistently playful visual language. Her work is an ongoing haptic, nomadic project; a universe of worldly encounters with the other. Remaking as a performative act is a self-perpetuating sensorial aesthetic.

Her work refers to psychology, popular science, momentous displacements, diy, psychogeography (geographic location embedded in the body), as a means to explore the layers of loss, intermingling with desire for a shared life. With a focus on utilising and bringing a new language to disparate spaces, Salli’s work has been exhibited everywhere from underground parking garages in central London during Frieze week, where her work was reviewed by Artlyst. Further exhibition spaces included disused banks, national archives, public parks, libraries and cultural centres. She has presented in both the UK and Europe: everywhere from private residences and the obsolete parliament buildings of modern Greece to the Barras Market, Edinburgh Art Festival and The Orangerie, Munich.

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Date: July 6 - July 14
Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm

South Block
South Block
60-64 Osborne Street
G1 5QH

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Salli Yule-Tsingas