Melanie O’Donnell and Onya Attridge are influenced by similar things, and their work shares many of the same elements, reaching very different visual conclusions, hence the title – the same but different.

Working from the Glasgow Ceramics Studio, Onya wheel throws in stoneware clay. Each piece is functional but also unique. For this exhibition the influences are wide and varied, from religion and mythology to William Blake and Blindboy Boatclub, there are many threads binding the pieces together. They are all about being human in some way, our mental health, the physical connection of emotions to our bodies and the stories we tell each other and ourselves to feel better or to understand our feelings. Onya is influenced by the tradition of using ceramics as a vehicle for story telling using a wide range of decoration techniques, slips, modelling, spring moulds, drawing, sgraffito, underglaze transfers and stock overglaze transfers to collage imagery and motifs on her pieces.

This exhibition shows for the first time a series of 20 small urns, inspired by a collection of 20 statues of Queens in the Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris. It is unusual and refreshing to see a whole collection of female statuary in a public space. These urns, which are influenced by the shape of Egyptian canopic jars, are a tribute to these Queens. Each of them has developed their own character and style during the making and decorating process.

Onya Attridge graduated in 2000 from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA (Hons) in Ceramics.

Also based at Glasgow Ceramics Studio, Melanie makes figurative ceramics. She draws inspiration from many sources including religious iconography, Mexican and European domestic “shrines” and the adornment of women living through various times and cultures. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe gaining inspiration from architecture, statuary and culture.

Melanie O’Donnell works with earthenware clay and hand builds pieces, describing the making process as akin to a meditation, where she gets lost in the process. She places a lot of emphasis on the surface decoration, using under glazes, slips, Japanese rice paper transfers and gold lustre. Melanie endeavours to always bring joy with her work. Melanie graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1986 with a BA (Hons) in Ceramics. She went on to travel and work in Europe before completing a post graduate teaching qualification. She currently teaches art to children with special needs and is constantly inspired by their expressive, naïve art work.


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Date: October 14 - October 20
Time: 1:30pm-4:30pm daily

Patriothall Studios
Wasps Patriothall

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