In 2022, the Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) and the Scottish Glass Society (SGS) are promoting the UN designated International Year of Glass with a joint exhibition of contemporary glass art created by their members from all parts of the United Kingdom and overseas.  This is part of CGS’s ongoing celebrations of their 25th anniversary as the principle supporter and promoter of artists and collectors of contemporary glass in the UK.

The exhibition opens in Trades House, Glasgow in the Merchant City area and runs from 14th to 22nd September, coinciding with the Glasgow ‘Doors Open’ week.  The exhibition then moves to the Wasps Creative Academy in Inverness, running from 4th  to 29th October.  Wasps is Scotland’s national provider of creative spaces redeveloping historic yet redundant buildings to house creative communities

The theme for the exhibition is taken from Scotland’s Year of Stories. This spotlights, celebrates and promotes the wealth of stories inspired by, written, or created in Scotland. From icons of literature to local tales, the 2022 Year of Stories aims to encourage locals and visitors to experience a diversity of voices, take part in events and explore the places, people and cultures connected to all forms of all our stories, past and present. 

“Stories – Whispers from the Past and the Present” is intended to promote and raise awareness of the glory of contemporary glass.  It encourages makers to consider the five strands of Scotland’s theme for 2022 (iconic stories and storytellers, news stories, Scotland’s people and places, local tales and legends and nature) and to relate them to both Scotland and the wide range of stories universally relevant to the theme.

The aim of the “Stories – Whispers from the Past and the Present” exhibition is to demonstrate how utterly glorious and amazing contemporary glass is so that everyone can appreciate and enjoy its magical colours, textures, use of light and variety of techniques.  It is also an opportunity for the public to not only discover their own local glass artists but to encounter work from other parts of the UK.  This joint exhibition will be one that celebrates both Scotland and also the collaboration between national glass societies.  The work displayed will feature as wide a range of techniques as possible.

The artists exhibiting are from Scotland, the rest of the UK and also include international CGS members.  They are:  Gregory Alliss, Carolyn Barlow, Karen Beggs, Isobel Brunsdon, Michael Bullen, Catherine Carr, Helen Cowart, Elizabeth Cull, Jacky Edwards, Claire Fairley, Fiona Fawcett, Pamela Freedman, Hannah Gibson, Steven Graham, Jianyong Guo, Siobhan Healey, Kate Henderson, Vicky Higginson, Alison Jardine, Alison Kinnaird, Tim Kirman, Jessie Lee, Frankie Leigh, Julie Light, Catherine Lowe, Chris MacCormick, Anthony McCabe, Judith McCrorie, Fiona McLean, Rhona Morrison, Wendy Newhofer, Emma Nightingale, Lois Parker, Ian Pearson, Rachel Phillips, Susan Purser Hope, Penny Riley-Smith, Charlotte Rodgers, Karen Shakespeare, Phillipa Silcock, Angela Thwaites, Gail Turbutt, Jane Vincent, Lee Watson, Brian Waugh, Liz Waugh McManus, Frans Wesselman, Sarah Wilkinson, Christina Yip, Wang Ziyan.

“This is CGS’s second collaborative exhibition with the Scottish Glass Society.  The previous show was such a success that we are excited to have this wonderful opportunity to not only exhibit at the prestigious Trades Hall in Glasgow again but to tour the show to this exciting new venue in Inverness. This is an opportunity for our joint membership to show a range of amazing glass work featuring vibrant colours and a range of techniques.  It is also a glorious chance to raise the profile of contemporary glass with the general public whilst celebrating our intertwining history, the International Year of Glass and CGS’s 25th anniversary.” – Susan Purser Hope, Chair of the Contemporary Glass Society


Event Details

Date: October 4 - October 29
Time: Mon-Sat, 10am-4pm

Inverness Creative Academy
Midmills Building
Stephen's Street

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