Gilmour’s practice explores representation within Painting to test how it may contribute to one’s understanding of reality.

She investigates how methods of observation and memory can be used to depict objects in relation to space, employing the shadow as a bridge between their representational and physical being. The imagery in Gilmour’s work is derived from daily observations and recordings within her home surrounding such as everyday objects, furnishings, and the shadows they cast.

Gilmour’s work attempts to acknowledge the ‘ineluctable flatness’ of Painting, exploring surface whilst celebrating each works existence as a distinct object in space. She paints onto 1mm thick sheet steel to amplify the flatness of the paintings surface, heightening the relationship between paintings and the wall upon which it hangs.

Lyndsey Gilmour obtained a Masters of Fine Art with Distinction, specialising in subject area of Painting, from the Slade School of Fine Art in 2014. She gained her Bachelor of Arts with Honours specialising in Painting at Gray’s School of Art in 2010. Gilmour was the recipient of a Dewar Arts Award in 2012 and 2013, along with a Scottish International Education Trust Award and a Pocock Award. Additional awards include The William Coldstream Prize, RSA Latimer Award, and the Lyon and Turnbull Award for Painting.


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