The Cut Line exhibition brings together a collection of drawings by artist Martha Ellis in her signature cut-out style.

Interested in capturing the everyday in a new light, Marta Ellis creates cut-out drawings inspired by things she encounters on her daily travels, from plants to people. This exhibition at Patriothall brings together the largest selection of her work to date, welcoming visitors into a truly wonderful ‘cut-out’ world!

Martha is inspired by natural and urban landscapes, exploring positive and negative space, and the challenge of turning her subject matter into stylised cut-out drawings. She has an ever-growing fascination in reducing complex scenery down to more simplified lines and block colours.

All her cut-out works start with pencil and paper, spending hours drawing from life in her sketchbook. These drawings are then either hand cut from sheet material using a Stanley knife, Jigsaw; or by using laser technology.

For laser cut drawings, Martha re-create her pencil drawn compositions on the computer, painstakingly adding detail by hand until she is finally happy. The laser then cuts out the drawing, creating eye catching and intriguing pieces.

Her unique wall mounted pieces are hung directly onto the wall where they cast beautiful shadows which vary depending on strength of light, cloud or time of day, a deliberately interactive and living aspect to Martha’s art.

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Event Details

Date: July 21 - July 28
Time: 10:30am-4pm daily

Patriothall Studios
Wasps Patriothall

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