Transcending boundaries after ten years of artistic hibernation.

After a decade long hiatus, the multi-disciplinary artist Thom Crowhurst has decided to re-enter the public art sphere, showcasing six months of work produced in Glasgow in his first ever solo show.

Have You Seen This Artist? is the first time Crowhurst has shown his work publicly in over a decade, and explores the re-emergence of the creative self through artistic process. This immersive exhibition has been carefully curated to offer the audience a rare and unique glimpse into the intricate and often chaotic workings of the creative mind. With unyielding authenticity, it unashamedly showcases every facet of the artistic journey, from failures and experiments to remarkable achievements. You are invited to witness his journey of dismantling the physical, psychological, and emotional barriers which have culminated in this exhibition of profound and transformative artistic breakthroughs.

Thomas Vincent John Crowhurst (b. 1989) is a visual artist from Adelaide, Australia.

After a decade long hiatus, the multi-disciplinary artist has decided to re-enter the public art sphere, showcasing a broad range of works produced in Glasgow UK as well as a collection of early works and concepts.

Subsequent to the diagnosis of a severe immunodeficiency disorder during his five year career in the military, Thom fell into a depressive state and was incapable of pursuing any creative endeavours for many years. Then following the release of the COVID-19 lockdown and a year of travel he has since settled into a studio in Glasgow and rediscovered his artistic flow, happier and healthier than ever. Unashamedly and with little consideration for the conventions of classical painting (though successfully completing a degree in Visual Arts in 2011) he creates work showcasing the soul made visible. Every visceral emotion, personal struggle and accomplishment, love, hatred, frustration and serenity are all meticulously regurgitated onto the canvas as a window into the deepest, darkest, and most unknown parts of the artist.


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Date: July 18 - August 2
Time: Mon-Fri, 9.00am to 5.00pm

South Block
South Block
60-64 Osborne Street
G1 5QH

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