A collection of work, pulling together threads from my various subject matters and focuses. Much of this show is about committing to the line that you make, and where it takes you.

Should we ever find ourselves without artists, we will be the poorer for it. We are a testament to the skill of creating distractions away from the complicated, layered world we live in. We observe and present the conundrums of the human condition. And we love it, with all its challenges.

My paintings are a balance between striving for beauty whilst reaching towards reality. I use the process of painting to gain a better understanding of what life brings. It is my thinking place. Sometimes it just keeps me company. In my work, you’ll find love, sorrow and hope, in no particular order. By putting this collection into a public domain, it takes it towards a conclusion and moves me on to the next one.

Margaret Archbold is a visual artist based at Wasps Artists Studio, in The Briggait, Glasgow. Working under the name Garter, art plays a major part in daily life. She was born and raised in Glasgow. Graduating with BA(Hons) Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art in 1994, she has responded to and embraced the shifting landscapes ever since. A return to the Southside of Glasgow, in recent years, has resulted in old stories, familiar views and new work. Subject matter, processes and practice constantly evolve as narratives present themselves.

Artists see what everyone else sees. But we stop and react to it. We share it with you. I try to give people an insight into art and believe it can be an integral part of everyday life. I love seeing change in the world and I believe change thrives when art is the catalyst. – Margaret Archbold

You are invited to the preview of With Love from All at South Block on the evening of Friday 3 February, 5pm-7pm.


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Date: February 3 - February 28
Time: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm

South Block
South Block
60-64 Osborne Street
G1 5QH

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Margaret Archbold