On the 19th & 20th June we were able to offer a free beginner’s black and white photography course, delivered by The Inverness Darkroom, as part of our ongoing heritage programme funded by The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

This in depth two day training course was lead by photographer, artist and educator, Rachel Fermi and covered everything you need to know to get started taking black and photographs – while creatively exploring the past, present and future of the historic Midmills building renovation.

The four participants had access to Phase 2 while it’s undergoing renovations and started off making their own pinhole cameras – the very first type of camera used by artists and early photographers. Using these pinhole cameras, along with 35mm cameras, participants shot black and white photographs of architecture and creative still-lifes on site within the current Midmills building renovation – learning to process the pinhole images as they went, and get creative with lighting and composition. The second day was mostly spent in the darkroom, located within Inverness Creative Academy, were they learned how to develop the 35mm film and make black and white prints.

All materials and cameras were provided and no previous experience was necessary. We are delighted to share some of the work from participants Evija Laivina, Caitlin Prentice, Lisa Ross and Rachel Corr. Photos: all images are courtesy of Rachel Fermi, 2021

Programme supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund