“I have been challenging my ways of thinking and creating art. I want to take my art to a whole other level expanding the boundaries of what the work of art could be.”

In many of Zapala’s paintings shows the desire to capture the world in concepts and pictures. Referencing animal symbolism, she evokes a shamanic journey where spirit animal is great at slicing through chaos and confusion, allowing for new levels of healing and transformation to breakthrough. Her representation becomes a matter of creating a state of connection and understanding oneself.

In her recent works, she refers to the theory of sound, investigating the idea of colour in sound. In the course of her research into a sonic experience, she has developed a lexicon of symbols that combine with intuitive mark-making to document her observation. Each work looks as if the sound that passed through it has formed its contour capturing the spiritual and metaphysical effect of sound on the body. The sound becomes an aesthetic and visual concern in her work.

Daria Zapala lives in Glasgow, Scotland

selected works