Iona makes a variety of visual work in many styles and forms; from miniatures, to framed pieces, to art installations.

She specialises in large scale detailed pencil works and paintings.    These are surreal, figurative worlds of dreaming and reinvention through hyper realism and distortion. Working in this size allows her to create a life-size theatre of imagination.


She searches for a clarity of vision through enlightened thinking, stimulated by dance states, physical movement and live performance. Her subject matter looks from the inside out, playing with the interconnected rhythm of line and shape to make form; a constantly moving visual vocabulary of reasoning. Transformation and metamorphosis, nature, architecture and the figure are consistent elements within her works.

The body and its capacity for change, its limits, mental focus and physical energy have always been her working fascination. To challenge, or indeed, to become the idea in performance or visual art. The theatre of life and its detail beyond the edges into new ground. To see anew.

She also makes expressive works of portraiture, places and landscapes encountered daily and from outdoor adventures. They search for a physical energy within the style and mood within the colours.

Iona works from her studio in The Briggait WASPS, Glasgow.


selected works