Workshop Feedback:

“The kids really loved the cyanotype prints and were much more engaged than we might have expected. As a result, we allowed this activity to take up most of the session, with the young people going out in groups to gather flowers and plants and bringing them back for the printing process. Young people participated in games and free play on the climbing equipment while they waited for their turn and for their prints to develop”. 

– Workshop Facilitation Collaborator, from Summer 2022

Workshop Feedback:

“Everyone was super friendly and the fact that it was free is wonderful and important.”

– Participant from Workshop on Arran, with The Scottish School of Herbal Medicine

Our current project, Ecopoetics, is a year-long programme engaging Scottish young people with nature and greenspace. Ecopoetics is created in partnership with the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine and aims to increase access to knowledge about local plants, producers and their health benefits and inspire young people to take charge of their own food conception for the benefit of the environment and health. 

As part of Ecopoetics, PLW will be taking over advertising spaces outside secondary schools and online to deliver free learning resources to young people on the topics of land stewarding, ecology, and immune health.  

Ecopoetics is funded by the Williamson Trust as part of their ‘Healthy People, Healthy Planet” vision.