Wasps Workshop Guidance – August 2021

As Scotland has recently left the tier system regarding COVID-19 Safety Guidance the implications for the hosting of workshops has relaxed. However, Wasps will continue to adopt the policy for the lowest level of restrictions, to provide safety and security for its tenants, visitors and staff.

This guidance for workshops follows The Community Learning and Development guidance, updated to include the following information in relation to community based learning activity for adults over the age of 18.

The Implications for Level 0

Participant levels are to be calculated based on 1m social distancing and the available space in the workshop area. Wasps’ Property Team can provide guidance on numbers for each space at the point of application. The relevant COVID-19 Safety measures should be taken.

Wasps’ Workshop Guidance has been compiled to assist in the preparing for recommencement of workshops. It is important to consider that anyone wishing to start workshops must complete the risk assessment forms downloadable on the right hand side of this page, for Fire Safety and COVID-19 Safety. These must be completed in full and approved by the Wasps Property Team (property@waspsstudios.org.uk) before workshops can commence.

Also downloadable from this page are sample completed risk assessment forms, which you can work from for guidance or use as a template and edit to suit your individual circumstances. Please contact the Property Team via the email address above if you have any queries.

The Scottish Government’s change in restrictions also permits Wasps to allow visitors to studio buildings, whose visit is for the purpose of your practice. Examples of these kinds of visitors would be clients, collaborators and buyers.

If you intend to hold workshops or/and invite guests to your studio please read and follow all guidelines below. All visitors must follow the Tenant Guidance in place.

Workshops and Visitors

  • Tenants who wish to run workshops should read and follow the Scottish Government’s Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guidance for the Community Learning and Development Sector, which can be found here.
  • Normal health, safety and fire guidance applies to holding workshops and inviting visitors into the buildings. Visitors who enter the building for reasons other than workshops should be managed in line with the COVID-19 guidance in place for your studio building, which can be found here.
  • Please inform a member of Wasps staff immediately if you or anyone else in your studio building exhibits symptoms associated with contracting COVID-19 so that we can promptly manage the situation.

Risk Assessments

  • Risk assessments must be completed in full and approved by the Wasps Property Team before workshops can commence. Please submit these if you haven’t already: property@waspsstudios.org.uk
  • Risk Assessments are required for anyone inviting more than one visitor to their studio
  • You can download draft risk assessment forms from the Downloads sidebar on the right.

Moving through the buildings

  • All visitors and studio users must use the Eve Pass Track and Trace system.
  • Tenants are fully responsible for any visitors they invite into the building.
  • Tenants must escort visitors to studios/workshop spaces in a safe and responsible way.

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