Waiting for the Sea Eagle is a new performance work by dance company Knights of the Invisible, made up of artist Iona Kewney and musician Joseph Quimby. The world premiere takes place in Lyon at Les Subs on the evenings of November 10th,11th and 12th. Beyond Lyon, the work will continue at international theatres and festivals in Austria, Denmark, Belgium and other cities across Europe for the rest of 2022 and into 2023.

Knights of the Invisible create raw visionary worlds of performance art. Their visceral connection conjures an emotional atmosphere housing both physical and psychological tension. They weave the pores of existence into a sonic physical journey. Metaphysical and ritualistic matter fuel the work. They are the white noise of many charactered selves. Their open technique exposes them to transformation and chance in time and space. Iona and Joseph’s methods balance on the borderlines of extremes and fragility. Their practise weighs on the edges of change where different energies and emotion accumulate to transcend daily life into surrealist territory. The combined ‘force major’ imagines a world bigger than both of them. At once both primeval and futuristic. The music is composed as a network of energy states and vocal passion. A magnetic soundscape touching and colliding in the atmosphere uniting Joseph and Iona. Connecting and echoing their souls, surrounding environment and dreamworlds. The taste of the vibrating atmosphere shaping physical imagery in the space. Their dance is the theatre of life. A spiritual uprising of the will and emotions pushing the inner world through the outer skin. Anatomical frankensteining of the body and being.

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