The Briggait tenant Karolina Franceschini has installed a series of figurative paintings in the Low Gallery at The Briggait. The statement from the artist reads:

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, I’ve been haunted by the images pouring in through the news channels. Unbelievable, heartbreaking pictures – those that hit me most were of children, living in some sort of parallel universe to ours, on another plane of existence. They are still kids, but with a striking ability to adopt and live in this unthinkable reality. These four artworks are my reflection on what we are seeing in the news over the past few months. They are not quite finished, because it does not matter. I am experimenting with a new (for me) technique which is a combination of oil and oil pastel on recycled paper, so they are not flawlessly executed, but again it does not matter. It is work I had done for my own peace of mind, relief and empathy.

Alongside her paintings, Karolina has placed a blank sheet of paper and pens for anyone walking past to convey their own thoughts on the subject matter. She wants to provoke some conversation within the Wasps community at The Briggait and any visitors to the building that come across her work.

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