H9.4cm x W6.5cm

Blu, from Adalime’s small bird collection, is a unique bird perfect for any small space that needs a hint of colour within the home. Blu is one of many glass bird fledglings’ additions to the autumn/winter collection. Blu is part of the newer series that has been worked on from an updated template in the last year. The new template still has the features of the original design but is slightly larger in scale. The birds created by Adalime Illustrations are all handmade. Each piece of coloured glass making up the birds’ profile is cut out before being placed into position, awaiting to be kiln-fired. During the kiln process, the birds are moulded into one solid, unique art form.

Blu is created from a combination of colours. He has subtle tones of blue and pink. His pink head is very light in shade but is beautiful set against natural light. His blue, transparent beak gives balance to his whole set of features, as his blue wing, white body, and tail are prominent due to the opaque glass. Overall, Blu is subtle to look at, but his eye gives him that mischievous persona.

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Adalime Illustrations covers an array of products from Illustrations, felt soaps to glass birds. For this year's WASPS Shop, Adalime Illustrations has focused on glass products for the home. The little sculptures are based on colourful birds. In some cases Adalime Illustrations will work on garden birds such as robins, Blue Tits and Blackbirds, notably, it is the abstract birds that are just as fun an item for any home.


A fabulous gift for any time of the year.



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