Come and feast your eyes; curiously, defiantly, unceremoniously, with some uncertainty or even puzzlingly at this well oiled troupe’s compendium of wall and plinth offerings.

You may come across a gorgeous colour cord here, or a lyrical painterly phrase there, something slightly melancholic, hushed and shy. Across the street on another wall maybe a temple to some exuberant excess, who knows? Maybe?

These six disparate coves of the borders continue applying the pigmented stuff. All of us at one time have had a studio here at St. Mary’s Mill, times change, but we have come together for another show. 

Come and see, drop in, find out. We’ll be pleased to meet you.

Participating from St. Mary’s Mill: Alan Richmond, John Berry, Jim Douglas, Alex Hain, Colin Philip and Rob Hain.


Event Details

Date: May 25 - June 2
Time: 10am-4pm daily

St Mary’s Mill
Unit 1
St Mary's Mill

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